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Scott Perron
President of 24/7 Floors
(Former President of Big Bob's Flooring)

"The techniques that Jim is teaching, and the systems that he's looking to put into place for the average dealer are sure to work if they're executed properly. He's got a great blueprint for people to be much more successful without making a sizeable investment. In our industry there's a lot of training on product knowledge and salesmanship; there's a lot of great stuff out there. But what Jim does is take it a step further. He teaches dealers how to take what they're already doing and get the kind of exponential growth that no one thinks is possible."

Craig Bendele
Bendele Flooring, Ft Myers, FL
"Jim, I'm making more and working less! I used to work 'dark-to-dark,' including weekends. I now take weekends off, and work a lot less during the week. At the same time, my revenue increased by 50% during the first 12 months of using your strategies, then increased by 50% again during the next 12 months. My margins are at 45%. Your strategies have changed my life. Thank you!"

Jerome Nowowiejski
Brownwood Decorating, Brownwood, TX

"My residential margins were less than 30%, and I had trouble filling up my schedule. Now my margins are at 45% to 50%, and I'm booked solid for 3 months. I used to be a slave to my store, working 7 days a week, and I'd never taken a vacation. Now I regularly take 4-day weekends and several 1-2 week vacations each year. Jim's strategies changed my life."
About Jim Augustus Armstrong...
Jim is an internationally known speaker, trainer and coach for flooring retailers, and author of the book How Floor Dealers Can Beat The Boxes.  His Marketing Mastery column appears in every issue of Floor Covering News, and he produces and co-hosts the monthly FCNews Marketing Mastery Webinars.  He has been a featured speaker at Surfaces.  His company, Flooring Success Systems, is dedicated to helping floor dealers add $1 Million in sales and take 1 EXTRA DAY OFF each week.  Since 2007 over 1,483 dealers have relied on Jim's methods to transform their businesses and lives for the better, and beat the boxes.

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