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Scott Humphrey, CEO of the World Floor Covering Association, on Jim Augustus Armstrong…
“I and the rest of the WFCA leadership have worked with Jim and appeared as guests on webinar events with him multiple times.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know Jim better and learn about his mission, which is to help flooring retailers succeed.  

“There are major challenges facing our industry, not least of which are big box retailers taking market share from independent dealers.  There are also incredible opportunities for retailers who are willing to adapt and learn new methods for attracting and keeping customers.  Jim has dedicated his career to helping dealers do just that.  And Jim has been there to help them thrive and prosper in the 21st Century.  This is also my mission, and the reason I joined the WFCA as its CEO.  With Jim I have another colleague who is with me on the front lines, equipping retailers to fight the good fight, succeed and prosper.

“In our industry there are those who are only concerned with themselves and their own success, and those who are truly interested in helping our industry and giving back.  I am happy to say that Jim is one of the latter.”  
Scott Humphrey

In Beat The Boxes, Jim reveals...
3 PROVEN, affordable strategies that can quickly skyrocket your revenue. (Pg. 19)
How in just 6 months Mark, a dealer from Illinois went from nearly closing his doors to being booked solid for weeks at a time, and recently did over $3 Million in revenue. (Pg. 8)
A past-customer marketing strategy that is so powerful it’s brought dealers back from the brink of bankruptcy! How you can plug this into your business within 30 days.  (Pg. 81)
How to create a “Zero Resistance” selling environment which stops customer “shopping” in its tracks, and compels them to buy from you NOW even if you’re the most expensive.   (Pg. 213)
How Craig, a dealer from Florida increased his revenue by 50% two years in a row, while cutting his work hours in half!  (Pg. 285)
How to take control of your business so that it provides you and your family with an AWESOME lifestyle!  Work the hours YOU choose, take vacations, volunteer at your church, coach your kid’s sports team, spend more time with your family, golf, go fishing, take a nap every afternoon…or whatever YOU want!  (Pg. 274)
AND… How to kick the boxes where it hurts: by growing your flooring dealership!
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Exponential Growth
Jim has a great blueprint for people to be much more successful without making a sizeable investment. He teaches dealers how to take what they're already doing and get the kind of exponential growth that no one thinks is possible.
President and Founder of 24/7 Floors and Floors 4 Pros
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My revenue has doubled and tripled.  Thanks, Jim!
Our revenue is up 79.3% over last year.  Thanks, Jim!